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Saddle Lake Cree Nation Cultural Events


Are you a caregiver of a child or youth who is a member of Saddle Lake Cree Nation?

Saddle Lake Cree Nation has the following cultural events coming up in Summer. Please find attached the Pow Wow transportation letter for caregivers and families. Also attached is the poster and registration form for the Cultural Camp.

  1. The Saddle Lake Pow Wow will take place June 21st to 23rd on the Pow Wow grounds in Saddle Lake. We are offering bus transportation to the event on Saturday June 22nd  for those who wish to utilize this service. Caregivers, biological families and other foster children in the home are all welcome to attend and utilize the transportation provided. Caseworkers are encouraged to attend and to assist with supervision on the day. Caseworkers are kindly asked to send names of their clients who will be attending to Karla Augert, phone 780.422.8749 or Merlyn Fortune-Browne, phone 780.638.3601 by June 10th.

2019 Saddle Lake Pow Wow Transportation Letter

  1. The Saddle Lake Cultural Camp will be held from July 8th to 12th at the Pow Wow grounds in Saddle Lake. Activities include sage and sweetgrass picking, pipe ceremony, teepee teachings and many more. Caseworkers and caregivers are expected to make their own transportation arrangements to and from the camp for the children in their care. Campers should normally be within the age range 10 – 17 years. Younger children will need to be accompanied by a caregiver or older sibling. Please contact the Band Designate Denise Steinhauer to discuss exceptions.

Saddle L. Cultural Camp PosterRegistrationForm 2019

Caregivers may also camp out on site but are responsible for their own meals. Trailers, RV’s and tents are welcome; however there are no trailer hook-ups. In the past some caregivers have chosen to stay at hotels in the nearby town of St Paul and drive to the camp site daily.

Please email or fax registration forms to Karla Augert Fax 780.422.1102 or Merlyn Fortune-Browne Fax 780.638.3597 by June 14th.

AFKA Bursary – Deadline June 1st

The AFKA bursary fund is designed to assist foster, former foster, adopted, or a biological child of a foster or *kinship caregiver or a child currently placed with or formerly placed with a *kinship caregiver to continue education in either a college, university, vocational institution, or for other special educational pursuits.

All applications must be postmarked no later than June 1st, 2019

*Kinship Caregiver for the purposes of the AFKA Bursary Application refers to a kinship caregiver who is an approved placement provider.


Flying Canoe Festival 2019

On January 31st, 2019 and February 1st & 2nd, 2019, come out to a fun filled celebration of  Métis culture! Its a great opportunity to learn and teach children in a creative way.

For more information visit:

Inner Circle January 9, 2019- February 13, 2019

Inner Circle is a new program through our G.I.R.L.S. Empowered and Strong program at the Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton. This free 6-week group program is designed to strengthen relationships between caregivers and teen girls through learning communication skills, building trust, and connecting with Indigenous culture.

Registration Details

Participants must register in pairs: one teen girl aged 12-17 with a female caregiver in her life. Caregivers can be biological parents, foster parents, kukoms, live-in support workers, other guardians, family members that are working towards reunification, or other configurations that you feel would benefit from this program. Both participants must register willingly and will be expected to attend all sessions. Bus tickets can be provided to assist with transportation if needed. Light snacks will also be provided.

Inner Circle Registration January 2019


The “72 hour strike notice” that was issued by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) to the
Canada Post Corporation last week has now taken effect. As of 00:01 October 22, 2018, 24 hour rotating
strikes have begun across the country. Edmonton (Alberta) is one of four locations effected October 22,
2018. The strikes are expected to last for 24 hours with different locations striking daily.

Click Here For More Information

What You Need To Know About Cannabis Legalization

Image result for children services alberta

Cannabis Legalization in Alberta

On October 17, 2018, cannabis will be legal across Canada. The Government of Alberta created the Alberta Cannabis Framework and legislation to set the stage for the legal and responsible use of cannabis in this province.

For more information: Children Services/Caregiver Q & A



We are now accepting nominations for the follow categories: (Submission Deadline is June 30th)

  • Foster Family of the Year
  • Kinship Family of the Year
  • Child Intervention Services Worker of the Year

For nomination criteria and to submit a nomination, you can download the nomination forms here.

Child Intervention Services Worker of the Year Nomination Forms 2019 Revised May 15 2019 Fillable

Foster Family of the Year Nomination Forms 2019 Revised May 15 2019 Fillable

Kinship Family of the Year Nomination Forms 2019 Revised May 15 2019 Fillable

One nominee will be selected from each region, per category. The final selection will be made by the Regional Council or Regional Selection Committee.

When will the awards will be given out?
The presentation to the Foster Family, Kinship Family and Child Intervention Services Worker of the Year will take place at the Banquet during the Annual Alberta Foster and Kinship Association Conference. In 2019, this will be held at the Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre, Jasper, AB from October 24-27th.

What do recipients receive in addition to their award?
Recipients receive one (1) nights’ hotel accommodations at the host hotel or at a hotel with equivalent rates and receive two (2) banquet tickets for the awards banquet.

What happens if the nominee is selected but unable to attend the banquet?
Should the nominee(s) be unable to attend the banquet, their award will be sent to them via Canada Post or Courier along with a letter of congratulations

Opioid Overdose Prevention

…”Fentanyl may be 100 times more toxic than morphine, heroin, or oxycodone. Even small amounts can result in overdose and it can be found in other drugs without you knowing.

What to do if you suspect an overdose:

– call 911
– initiate rescue breathing
– if you have a naloxone kit or Narcan® nasal spray (naloxone) follow the SAVE ME steps and instructions.
 Canada’s new Good Samaritan law can protect you. Learn more at …

…For general information about opioids, signs and symptoms of an overdose, and what to do in the event of an overdose, visit:

If you need help or are concerned with someone else’s substance use, call:

  • Health Link at 811 or
  • 1-866-332-2322 the Addiction Helpline (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week)…

…Retrieved from…

Get Naloxone:
Talking to your child about drugs:


What should you do if you suspect someone is experiencing an opioid overdose? Check out this video from Alberta Health Services.



2017 Compensation Guide for Foster & Kinship Caregivers

Children’s Services has developed this financial information guide to provide caregivers and staff with an overview of financial responsibilities of Child and Family Services (CFS) or Delegated First Nations Agency (DFNA) and caregiver parents have when a child is placed in care. It explains the financial process to access funds for children in care.

You can download your .pdf copy here


OCYA Special Report: LGBTQ2S+ Children and Youth

 “…Speaking OUT: A Special Report on LGBTQ2S+ Young People in the Child Welfare and Youth Justice Systems – released November 20, 2017.

LGBTQ2S+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Two-Spirited.

The information for this report was gathered through a combination of one-to-one interviews, focus groups, and online surveys. In total, over 280 young people and stakeholders participated in lending their voices to this report.

Based on what we heard, four themes emerged:

  • Identity
  • Safety
  • Appropriate places to live
  • Services and supports

with five recommendations arising from the report intended to improve the circumstances for LGBTQ2S+young people in government care.

Read the report “Speaking OUT: A Special Report on LGBTQ2S+ Young People in the Child Welfare and Youth Justice Systems”
View the video:
The video features LGBTQ2S+ young people talking about their experiences in the child welfare and youth systems, as well as stakeholders sharing their experiences and knowledge. The video is short and definitely worth watching!…”

…Retrieved from…/ocya-special-report-lgbtq-you…/

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