Becoming a Kinship Caregiver

“Kinship care is an extended family home that’s approved to care for a child or youth in care. The caregiver must have a family relationship or significant connection to the child – for example, grandparent, aunt or close family friend.  Supports for kinship care are similar to the supports provided to a child and caregivers in foster care… 

…A caseworker from Children’s Services or a Delegated First Nation Agency might contact you directly to advise you that they are considering taking a child or youth that you know into care. You could be asked to attend a family or network meeting to assist with safety planning for the child or youth. If, during this meeting, it is determined that the child’s or youth’s safety cannot be met in their family home, you may be asked to consider becoming a kinship caregiver.

If you know a child/youth who has come into care of Children’s Services, and want to learn more about how to become a kinship caregiver, please contact your local Children’s Services office OR Delegated First Nations Agency.


You can learn more about becoming a kinship caregiver by visiting the Government of Alberta website at:

Kinship Caregiver Information: (Links will direct you to the appropriate documents and webpages on the AB Government website)


“Kinship caregivers come from all cultural and social backgrounds and are of any relationship status including common-law and same-sex relationships. Kinship caregivers are part of a team that supports the best interests of the child – they’re mentors, caregivers, role models and support systems who will provide a temporary family environment for a child.

To become a child’s kinship caregiver, you must:

    • be at least 18-years old; willing to have the identified child(ren) placed in your home, and
    • understand and be willing to proceed with the approval process.”

This information was retrieved from the government of Alberta website at the follow site address. For the most current and up to date information, please visit their website: