Alberta Foster and Kinship Association:
Call for Presenters!

With so many talented trainers in Alberta and leaders in their fields of expertise, we’d like to expand our pool of professionals who’d like to support our training opportunities (in-person or virtually), and potentially our conferences, to bring even more depth to what we offer our caregiving community! We know that there are many knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate people in Alberta that would like to be involved in reaching this demographic, those who can provide insight into specific areas of training that caregivers may be looking for, and we look forward to connecting with you. 

Some examples of the types of desired trainings are:

  • Emotional/psychological training
    – Trauma-informed caregiving
    – Anxiety, depression
    – LGBTQ2S+, gender identity
    – Loss and grief, attachment
    – Difficult behavior/behaviour challenges

  • Culturally-specific trainings
    – Multi-cultural/Indigenous cultural teachings (the role of the band designate, offering protocol, language and language lessons, traditional foods, significance of cultural dance and regalia, traditional parenting, etc.)

  • Practical training 
    – Care for the caregiver
    – Cyber-bullying/internet safety
    – Drug trends/usage/awareness
    – Effective communication/collaborative and/or crucial conversations
    – Development of cultural support plans

Deadline to Submit:
This is an open-ended submission with varying delivery times and options, based both on presenter availability and training needs as required. 

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