Updates from the AFKA

June 1, 2020

Our Caregiver Connection time on ZOOM has been changed to once per week, on Tuesdays @ 1:30 pm:

Follow this link to join in, hope to see you there!
Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/352086210










May 20, 2020

In moving forward with planning for the future requirements of continued family connection for kids in care, as well as continued visits with Children’s Services staff, the AFKA was asked to share what that might look like. Thank you to all of you who shared your input of what this might look like for you and your family, through our online survey and through our focus groups.

April 21, 2020

You can now request one on one remote support from the AFKA! Visit this link to request a session today!

Info and Updates from Children's Services & AHS


You can keep up to date on novel coronavirus (COVID-19) by accessing up to date information on the Alberta Health Services (AHS) website at: https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/topics/Page16944.aspx

Visit the following post for information/resources on Mental Health, Wellness and Addictions from Alberta Health Services: https://www.afkaonline.ca/ahs-mental-health-services-and-resources/


We have made an effort to keep only the latest documents on here to prevent any confusion in the event someone were to download an earlier version. We encourage you to view online, rather than print, as this is a fluid situation and there are ongoing updates and changes. 

May 29, 2020

A letter from Children’s Services Assistant Deputy Minister, Jon Reeves, providing information, updates and changes for caregivers, surrounding Covid and Alberta’s Relaunch:

A Letter from Children’s Services Assistant Deputy Minister, Jon Reeves to Caregivers

A great infographic offering guidance to foster and kinship caregivers on the use of PPE:

CI PPE Infographic for Foster and Kinship Caregivers

May 5, 2020

CI Practice Guidance – Supports for Caregivers – Download

CI Practice Guidance – Homestudy Reports – Download

April 21, 2020


Bulletin for caregiver preparedness plan 

“Your worker will need to complete this plan with you by May 1st which will then be captured on a ‘COVID19 Caregiver Preparedness Plan’ so that it is accessible by any worker at any time who may need to reference it in order to support you, your family and the children in your care.If you have any questions please contact your Kinship or Foster Support Worker or direct your questions to the Children’s Service Child Intervention mailbox at: cs-ci-covid-19@gov.ab.ca.”

April 15, 2020

Support Resources for Caregivers: Coronavirus (COVID-19)Pandemic ResponseSupport for Caregivers Resource during COVID-19 Pandemic – April 9, 2020

Information for Contract Service Providers:
Coronavirus (COVID-19) CI Practice Response

Information for Contract Service Providers: Coronavirus CI Practice Response Download

Other Resources for Caregivers and the Children and Youth in their Care During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services has a lot of great resources available on their website to access help during tough times. From Covid-19 and your mental health, to talking with children about Covid-19, there is a lot of great reading and learning:


First Nations Health Authority

A message from Dr. Unjali Malhotra and Dr. Kelsey Louie, FNHA Office of the Chief Medical Officer

“..Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve all been buying and using hand sanitizer much more frequently to protect ourselves and our children. Because of this, it is important to keep in mind that the alcohol content in hand sanitizer can cause alcohol poisoning, and that we need to always keep it out of reach of children and pets. Drinking even a small amount can be dangerous and cause alcohol poisoning…”

For full message, visit:

If you think someone has swallowed any amount of hand sanitizer, call your local poison control centre. For Alberta and NWT, call 1-800-332-1414.

Center on the Developing Child – Harvard University

The coronavirus outbreak has changed many things about our daily lives. But even during this uncertain time, it’s a sure thing that our children are still learning, growing, and developing. Everyone can help support a child’s healthy development (and it may even help relieve your stress!). Just a few minutes and some simple, free activities can make a difference.”

How to Support Children  (and Yourself) During the COVID-19 Outbreak – .pdf download

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

Grants available to former youth in care through the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada to help provide support in navigating the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit their site for eligibility and information.


The @CAFDN Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada has been working on an ongoing open-source Youth Covid-19 resource list. See what they’ve compiled and if you have any resources to share, their contact info for submissions is in their document.



Neurosequential Network – COVID-19 Stress, Distress & Trauma Series 

Visit link for this series and more from trauma expert, Dr. Bruce Perry:


Sesame Street – Caring for Each Other

In response to recent events of Covid-19 and its impact on children and families, Sesame Street has started a “Caring for Each Other” initiative offering a number of free resources great for parents, caregivers, teachers, children and more.

“…Our resources aren’t prescriptions you have to follow—just ideas to help your family find ways to breathe, laugh, and play together….”