Regional and Local Associations

Local associations are made up of foster and kinship caregivers and in some areas a social worker liaison. Each local association has elected officers, holds regular meetings, and sends a representative to Regional Council meetings. Caregivers are also encouraged to attend Regional Council meetings.

The work of local associations is vital to the success of the provincial association. The role the AFKA has in helping to strengthen the supports and services for all foster and kinship caregivers, relies hugely on input from foster and kinship caregivers across Alberta. Local issues and concerns are brought forward to the Regional Council, items unresolved at that level, to the AFKA. By strengthening the local associations, we, the AFKA, can help give a stronger voice to foster, kinship caregivers, and the children in their care.

A local association carries out an important self-help function for caregivers. Even if caregivers live in rural areas, it may be possible to have a small association to share and exchange news, provide peer support, ideas, and access to training.

For information on how you can become involved and have your voice heard, contact your local association president for information on upcoming meetings. Contact information can be found below.

If there is no active association your community or area, and you are interested in starting one, please contact us for more information!

Andrew Kippers
President, Sun Country FPA

Cindy Margetts
President, Medicine Hat FPA
Tel: 403-866-4448

Joanna Busse
President, Calgary FPA

Theresa Houk
President, Clearwater FPA
Tel: 403-895-2343

Betty Dyck
Camrose Association of Caregivers
Tel: 780-608-9052 

Bernie French
President, Wetaskiwin Foster Parent Association
Tel: 403-358-6482

Amanda Scott
President, Red Deer FPA
Tel: 403-597-2238 

Jana Treen
President, Wainwright/Lloydminster FPA
Tel: 306-821-6710

Samara Stonehocker
President, Central Regional Council
Tel: 780-806-3131

Sammantha Reinhardt
President, Mountainview Caregivers Association
Tel: 403-400-1057

Joanne Crowley
President, Capital Regional Caregiver Council
Tel: (780) 939-2576

Stephanie French
President, North Central Regional Council

Patricia Mensink
President, Barrhead FPA
Tel: 780-967-3399

Andrea Kolodychuk
Acting President, Northwest Regional Council
Tel: 780 835-1441

Terri Forseille
President, High Prairie FPA
Tel: 780-536-7421

Ronalda Wolfe
President, High Level Foster Parent Association
Tel: 780-841-9775