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It is understood through the oral tradition of storytelling that many Indigenous nations held beliefs around sexually and gender diverse peoples since long before settlers arrived. Colonization, however, had a detrimental effect on the Indigenous communities leading to erasure of Two Spirit people. Join Cheyenne Mihko Kihêw (they/them) and Jamie Bourque Blyan (all pronouns) from Edmonton 2 Spirit Society (E2S) in this overview of Two Spirit Identities This session will offer participants an opportunity to build capacity around 2 Spirit Knowledge. Takeaways from this session include an understanding of the colonial impacts on Two-Spirit history, the contemporary resurgence movement, and how the term 2 Spirit came to be. Cheyenne and Jamie will share their lived experience as 2 Spirit people who have each had different involvement in foster and kinship processes. They will also speak about the services and programs available through E2S and offer participants a chance to gain awareness of how to support sexually and gender diverse Indigenous families and children.

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