Adoption Matters: Online Education Series


Adoption Matters: Online Education Series

The Adoption Council of Ontario is offering many FREE online webinars of which many may be relevant to foster and kinship caregivers. See below for more information. Thanks ACO for this great resource for families!

“The Adoption Council of Ontario is excited to announce that we are launching: Adoption Matters Online Education. Education has been a major emphasis at the ACO since its inception more than 30 years ago and continues to be an integral part of our current day-to-day work. Families and professionals have consistently asked for more: more topics; more session offerings; more time to review materials; and more time to ask questions during a live Q&A that are most relevant to their unique situation and challenges. These monthly webcasts will make it easier than ever for families and professionals to access education online, all from the comfort of their home”

Visit their website to sign up; there are live and on-demand free sessions available: 

Some sessions include:

  • Adoption & The Adult Adoptee
  • FASD
  • Transitional Planning
  • Grief, Trauma & Loss
  • New! Internet & Social Media
    Considerations for Adoptive
  • New! ACEs & Developmental
    Trauma Part 1: The Science &
    Why it Matters
  • New! ACEs & Developmental
    Trauma Part 2: Healing Through
    Adoption & Permanency
  • Identity & Belonging


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