It’s Foster and Kinship Caregiver Appreciation Month!

Foster and Kinship Appreciation Month 2022

Every day, foster and kinship caregivers help change the lives of children and youth in care, supporting them with compassion, kindness, and committed hearts. It takes very special people to dedicate themselves to the betterment of others, as the road can be lain with many challenges.

These selfless foster and kinship caregivers create necessary relationships with others, strive toward collaboration to do what’s in the best interest of the children in their care, face challenges, and celebrate successes …and they do so not for recognition, but for the sole purpose of helping another.

October is Foster and Kinship Caregiver Appreciation Month, a time dedicated to these very deserving individuals. Through events going on around Alberta, it’s a time to celebrate and appreciate all that caregivers do for those in their care. It’s an opportunity to recognize them for their courage and devotion, and to show gratitude.

To these everyday heroes, from the Board and staff at the Alberta Foster and Kinship Association, we celebrate you and thank you for continuing to do your best every day to support the children and youth in your care.

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