Caregiver Allegation Support Team (CAST) – What is it?

The purpose of the AFKA CAST Program is to provide support, assistance, advocacy and information to foster and kinship caregivers when going through a Placement Concerns Response (PCR) Provider Assessment (i.e., an allegation has been made against your home and Children’s Services is looking into the concern). When undergoing this type of assessment, a caregiver is eligible to have CAST Program support – they do not need to go through this process alone.

A Message from AFKA Executive Director/CEO, Melissa Jones, on the Evolution of the CAST Program and thanks to the compassionate group of volunteers who have supported this program for so many years.


A caregiver can access the AFKA CAST Program by calling our office during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:15 AM – 4:30 PM) toll free at: 1-800-667-2372 or locally in the Edmonton area at 780-429-9923. Alternatively, an online form to Request CAST Program Support can be completed by clicking on the Request CAST Support button below. 

A member of our Caregiver Support Team will follow up to any request for support by the next business day.


A foster or kinship caregiver can be supported through the CAST Mentoring stream once the assessment process has completed. The supporting mentor will have an understanding and knowledge of the PCR process and common next steps, including administrative review and appeal training.

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