Insurance Program for Foster and Kinship Caregivers

In order to access the AFKA insurance program, foster and kinship caregivers must have proof that what they are claiming is covered under their homeowners or tenants policy. They must also have written documentation that their insurance carrier has refused to cover the damage.

*For the purposes of accessing AFKA Programs, a *Kinship Caregiver  refers to a kinship caregiver who is an approved placement provider.*

What can foster and kinship caregivers' claim under this program:

  • Any damage over $10,000.00 per occurrence that was caused with intent by a foster/*kinship child and for which the foster/kinship caregivers have insurance under their own homeowners or tenants insurance policy, but their insurer is refusing to pay for the damage.

What a foster/*kinship caregiver should do in the event of a loss:

  • Immediately contact your own insurance company to report and make a claim.
  • Immediately file a critical incident report with the Case Manager and your Foster/Kinship Care Support Worker as you would for any other incident
  • If your claim is denied by your insurance company, you must ask for a letter stating why it was denied.
  • If your claim is denied, contact the Alberta Foster and Kinship Association to see if you are eligible for compensation under this plan.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name(s) of Foster/*Kinship Caregiver, address and phone numbers
  • Name(s) of Foster/*Kinship Children
  • Date and time of occurrence
  • Location of loss/claim
  • Cause of loss
  • Details of loss/claims
  • Phone numbers of where you can be contacted and the best time to call

The Alberta Foster and Kinship Association Contact Info:

Alberta Foster and Kinship Association
303, 9488 – 51 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 5A6

Tel: 780-429-9923
Toll Free: 1-800-667-2372