Legal Assistance

The AFKA Legal Assistance program is available to provide financial assistance for foster and kinship caregivers (who are approved placement providers) and their adult children when charged with a criminal offence (abuse) under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act against a foster/kinship child they have cared for or are caring for.

Youth are entitled to a free lawyer through Legal Aid (1-866-845-3425). When you contact Legal Aid, they will explain more about the process for you. You can visit the following website for more information on the Youth Justice System: 



Under this program you have the right to access payment assistance (should you meet eligibility requirements) for legal counsel of up to $150.00 per hour to a maximum of $15,000.00 including disbursements.

*Please note: this program will not cover legal expenses for appeals.*

How to Access the AFKA Legal Assistance Program:

  • Contact the AFKA CEO, Melissa Jones, to determine program eligibility. Once you have contacted her, you will need to provide a copy of the charges, as well as proof that you were providing foster or kinship care to the individual at the time that the event was alleged to have occurred.

  • Once you have secured legal counsel, please provide our CEO with your lawyer’s contact information. We will contact your lawyer to confirm with them your eligibility in the program, and provide them with the legal assistance details available to you through the AFKA.

Any documents provided to determine eligibility in this program are to be submitted directly to our CEO, Melissa Jones; you can also contact Melissa by calling 780-429-9923.

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